NEW Pranayama Training

5 Mod­ules (70 hours) plus record­ings of deep dive into all aspects of Clas­si­cal Pranaya­ma (Tibetan and Indi­an), more mod­ern Breath­work adap­ta­tions and Ayurvedic per­spec­tives.
All the expe­ri­ence, tools and under­stand­ing need­ed to devel­op a deep, per­son­al and fun­da­men­tal prac­tice that can grow and expand over time. 

ADD-ON 3 Mod­ules (40 hours) plus record­ings for teach­ers wish­ing to teach Pranaya­ma. All The­o­ry, skills, sequenc­ing, and back­gorund need­ed to offer this sacred and heal­ing practice  for details on sched­ule, costs and requirements