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one’s own nature

Svarūpa, from its Sanskrit roots, means one’s own nature

The essence of Yoga — both modern and ancient — has sought
to direct our human experience back to its source

This movement or flow inwards to an “own centre” is a path
which allows a deeper connection with Self

It promotes clarity and insight and the path itself contributes
to our basic sanity and goodness, which in turn flows outwards
to our environment and community

one’s own nature

Yogic and Buddhist thought
acknowledge the inherited suffering of life.

But through the practices of stillness, breath,
movement and the relationship to the qualities
of love, there is a path to reduce that suffering.

one’s own nature

One can cultivate a sense of ease and
wisdom that transcends fear and confusion.

There is also the possibility of acceptance and
compassion to understand how things are and
a resting into our imperfection — our nature.
This allows a more relaxed sense of ‘being’,
which then allows evolution.

one’s own nature

Here is a space dedicated to techniques,
exploration and inquiry into some of the
useful practices that help along a path to Svarūpa.

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