Foundation Yoga Training FYT 2024

Svarū­pa Foun­da­tion Yoga Train­ing 2024 at the Svarū­pa Loft in Berne (CH).

This is an Education/Training for Yoga stu­dents that want an in-depth explo­ration, edu­ca­tion and per­son­al growth in the tra­di­tions of Hatha Yoga. Hatha Yoga is the gen­er­al term applied to any prac­tices of Yoga that involve Asanas, Pranaya­ma (breath­work), Med­i­ta­tion, Kriyas (inner cleans­ing), Mudras, Devo­tion and the under­ly­ing Philoso­phies for approach­ing an inner and out­er life.
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